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Welcome to Adult Directory New! We have compiled a list of the best adult cam sites carefully selected and reviewed individually. Our purpose is to create a database of the best live adult cam sites and best cam girls that can provide quality live cams according to your needs. Looking for the best adult cam sites can be quite a nag, especially with so many redirect links and fake profiles out there. We want to make this an easy and enjoyable experience. That is why we review every cam site that we accept in our adult directory. Feel free to look around, you will certainly find a thing you'll like!
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ALL the adult websites are manually selected and our site is 100% secure, which means that you are protected from unwanted malware. That being said, we hope you will enjoy spending your time here and that you will find what you're looking for.

Adult Directory New has a collection of the best video chat site list available. Basically, this whole thing started due to very bad experiences with other live cam sites. We (just like you) are fed up with going to a site that promotes itself to be a free live cam website, and when you get there, all you see is a pop-up to pay and sign up. Nothing wrong with paying to see a lovely sexy cam girl, but pretty sure you don't want to be mislead into this. You can make your own choices, no need for pesty and pushy redirects and popups. And this is where comes into place. We (because there are a bunch of us supporting this project-like 5 dudes) want to organize only THE BEST live cam sites, live cam tubes, free cams and so on, which will provide exactly what they claim to offer. With this in mind, you can expect a personalized review for every adult site to get a better understanding of what you can get there. Of course, we also take suggestions. So if you discovered an interesting cam site (or just your own) that isn't listed here, submit it to AdultDirectoryNew. Here you can have all your favorite cam sites in one place :)


So I came across AdultDirectoryNew when i was searching for a new live cam site. I was terribly bored with the same cam sites like Live Jasmin or Streamate, as the models seem to be doing the same thing. Which is nice, i mean come on, we all love watching a sexy woman touching herself live on cam, but I was in the mood for something different.
Except, I didn't know how to look for it, and when i saw this awesome list on adult directory, I was really pleased!
Even if, most sites of this type are fairly scams, using pop up ads and so on. I am sure you had your own bad experience with these nasty sites that promise good quality adult content and instead you get some crappy click bait. However, Adult directory new surprised me. A very well set up site, with varied adult websites! Not to mention that each cam site comes with its own review, which is very handy, if you're interested in getting an idea of what you can expect. And many of these reviews are quite accurate.
I'm not entirely new to the porn industry, since..well it's sort of my favorite hobby. So i tend to be quite picky when it comes to ways to satisfy my sexual needs. I like high quality sites, and AdultDirectoryNew has quite a collection of them.
I ended up on Slut Roulette, which was incredibly fun! Still the same amount of nudity but double the fun! I hope you guys will keep it up, as I am looking forward to the new additions!
To more exciting adult material, Andrew

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Adult cam sites have been around for a while and it’s a concept that grew exponentially in the past decade. The first xxx website that appeared in this market was IFriends, in 1999 (the Golden era of Internet). As it was a completely new project (for that certain period), this adult cam site just shocked the adult market by bringing a completely new concept: instead of just watching recorded videos (which was online porn), now you could chat LIVE with these beautiful lovely girls. And not only that, you could also see them strip for you in real time, and interact with you on various levels.

This new method to talk to the performers has caught on and became more and more popular. LiveJasmin was another site that launched also in that period gaining more and more popularity every day. In the present, Live Jasmin is considered to be one of the best adult cam sites with millions of visitors and hundred of thousands of live cam models!

Why are adult cam sites so appreciated? One possible answer could be: because they remove the dullness and the rehearsed scenes and the lack of interactivity with the people on cam. Watching videos on various porn sites or tube sites CAN be fun, but there is no personal feel to it. Also, another pro for live adult cam sites is that most of the porn videos available out there do not match the quality of what you can find nowadays on live cam sites. Nothing wrong with just watching a porn video of your favorite actress, or discovering a new fetish that can’t be recreated on live cams.

However, when you decide to go on a video chat site like Live Privates or Chaturbate, you will discover that the elegance and sexuality of these girls are over the top. And since there are thousands of online cam at once, you can expect to find live cam girls that are a sum of all the qualities you may seek for: would you like a blonde with perky boobs, round ass that does a great blow job? There are hundreds of models to choose from that come in all shapes and sizes (blonde, brunette, redheard, big tits, big ass, that squirt, do anal and so on). Also, here you can see couples doing it live on cam, gays, trannies, Latinas or Asians. You have a specific thing in mind? Name it, and you will find it! The live cam world has become so diverse that it’s almost impossible not to find something that you will like. Not to mention that most of the girls on these type of websites are incredibly beautiful, sexy and willing to satisfy your every sexual desire.

You will find a hundred at least for each type of preference. Perhaps you may want a sexy Asian that loves to do anal? Take your pick from another interesting adult cam site like LiveSexAsians! Asian cam girls are definitely something else: with their cute faces and smiles they are a true delight to be around. And let’s be honest here: what else would beat spending your evening in the company of a beautiful young cam girl that is willing to explore all your sexual needs?

What is the purpose of Adult Directory New? Is there a real need for the best adult cam sites list?

Often, when you’re looking for a high quality adult website, a tube porn site or an adult cam site, you will end up on some really suspicious places of the Internet. Not only that, but you may end up with malware in your computer that can affect your system pretty severely on the long term. So, instead of looking for these xxx website individually, why not have them all in one place? This is how the idea of adult directory came to life: create a special site designed to bring value and utility for its readers.

What can you expect of Adult Directory New? The answer is: a lot! We are a dedicated team of people that will evaluate the existing adult cam sites and do our very best to discover new ones. In this manner, you will always have access to fresh adult content in various niches. Maybe one day you’ll fancy trying a different concept of a live cam site. On Adult Directory New, you will be able to do so! Every week, you can expect new adult cam sites review and new additions to our list!

What are the benefits of this adult directory? The list can be quite generous, but we will underline the essential ones:

  • one big adult directory where you can find the best adult cam sites in the business;
  • a source of online adult entertainment that you can always rely on to find new and qualitative content;
  • high quality adult cam sites reviews which will help you understand better what is that particular xxx website about;
  • recommendations for the best live cam sites;
  • recommendations for the top webcam girls;
  • an online adult community, where you share your thoughts and opinions with us;
  • the possibility to promote your own adult site: if we’ll like it, we’ll even review it;
  • lots of adult cam sites and plenty of variety for the xxx websites in our list.

With other words, you will have access to a high quality adult directory for FREE and easily go to the places that you desire. We try to cover all the niches possible. In this manner, regardless of your sexual preference, there will be an adult site devoted to it. So, why would you say no to our Adult Directory New?

What really happens on these adult cam sites? What can you expect to find if you decide to join one?

One of the biggest wrong assumptions that it’s often made when it comes to adult cam sites, is that the people that come on there must be sex obsessed and that all the cam models must be whores. That idea is absolutely ludicrous! Yes, the girls CAN be whores and act accordingly, but all is done in a sexy manner. The models are constantly making sure that you get an absolute amazing experience, as this is the whole point of these adult cam sites. The bottom line is that on live cam sites you can meet some very interesting people and actually establish a different type of connection. Sex is good, sex can be raw but it gets more intriguing when you can fun while doing it.

If you will take some time to visit some of the free live cam sites, you will discover that the models are real hostesses: they will play games, gamble, do raffles, play dress up and boy, some of them have some real hot outfits! Ever imagined fucking from behind that sexy secretary you have in your office, but you obviously couldn’t act upon it? Well, on a site like Live Jasmin you can find the girl to do it. You simply have to initiate a conversation, show your interest towards this sexual fantasy and find out if she is willing to comply with it. Most girls will say yes, as they simply enjoy playing dress up and showing off their sexuality. Besides, you can expect to find the best cam girls on the best adult cam sites, right? There is plenty of variety that could satisfy even the most pretentious sexual fantasy!

If you’re into more kinky stuff, there are a bunch of live cam girls that do only fetish shows. Dominating, humiliating, role-play, you name it, they have it. Not just one, but hundreds of these women have a whole toy arsenal and ready to use it: chains, cuffs, latex, whips, high heels, stockings and are ready to rock your world. You feel like finding a Mistress to make you do unspeakable things? On Fetish Cams you can find a large variety of S&M cams with women experienced in these type of shows. Many men found their top favorites and keep going back for more and more and never being disappointed. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you can test out these adult cam sites yourself!

What about gay/lesbian cams?

The adult cam sites market is full of choices for people interested in gay live cam shows. Gay porn can be enticing to watch, but wouldn’t it be better to make your own porn? And these men that appear on cam are to die for! Muscular perfect bodies, tight ass and huge cocks that will make you cum just by looking at them! Lesbians are not to be forgotten either! Most of the cam girls are bisexuals since they have the tendency to experiment a lot with sex, but there are specifically lesbian cam girls that only deal with women. And you can find them as passionate, sexy, friendly or dominating as you want them! All you gotta do is do a search, and this is where we, intervenes: we hope that we made a good list of adult cam sites to watch and enjoy when you’re feeling a bit horny.

Of course, just because it was not mentioned by now, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge number of sites about it: milfs, mature, Latinas, BBW, black cam girls, or pretty much anything you want can be found on live cam sites like Live Jasmin, or Chaturbate, or MyCams, or XloveCams, and the list can continue. But these, in our opinion, seem to be the best and the most complete.

Another question that comes into mind after visiting all of these beautiful cam girls is: are they willing to meet? Some of them do escorting, but most of them not. It may be a matter of personal security, or they have other restrictions regarding this possibility. However, there have been cases when the girls met with the men visiting them on the sites. It’s a matter of how you connect with the girl. If you really like her, and you enjoy being with her and everything develops into something more, then who knows? You may find yourself a girls to have fun in real too!

Are adult cam sites a substitute for online porn?

We would say not. Online porn deals with something different than live cam sites do. With online porn you can pre-recorded videos, directed, with a script (YES, porn videos have scripts) and with actors that are trained in what they do. Of course, the content is entertaining and enticing, so this alone is a good reason to watch it. Besides, if you have a crush on a particular girl, here’s your chance to admire her, in all positions. Online porn tubes are also slightly impersonal, as you don’t really inateract with the actors in the video. This means that you can use these xxx videos as a quick release, whenever time is not on your side.

The adult cam sites do something totally different: they provide LIVE content, live camera feeds from live cam girls that exist in the moment, with whom you can chat, laugh and fuck with. There is a certain type of connection happening between you and the performer, which means that the entire sexual experience can be brought to a completely different level. So perhaps, a combination of both is the best option :)

What now? Start exploring our adult cam sites list!

Now, we would suggest to make your pick of one of the Top Cam Sites and browse around. We believe that within 10 minutes you will find at least ONE girl (or boy, or tranny) that will blow your mind and you will want to discover more. That is the whole fun inserted in the concept of Adult Directory New: to transform your sexual fantasies into a pleasant experience! And with that in mind, we work very hard to find the best adult cam sites available and present them to you. Therefore, it would be a real shame if you were to miss out on all this fun.

Why wait? Let the fun begin with one of these young & beautiful cam girls that are looking forward for you to take their top off (or maybe more). Let your adult cam sites exploration begin!


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