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Welcome to Adult Directory New! We have compiled a list of the best adult cam sites carefully selected and reviewed individually. Our purpose is to create a database of the best live adult cam sites and best cam girls that can provide quality live cams according to your needs. Looking for the best adult cam sites can be quite a nag, especially with so many redirect links and fake profiles out there. We want to make this an easy and enjoyable experience. That is why we review every cam site that we accept in our adult directory. Feel free to look around, you will certainly find a thing you'll like!
Best Live Cams: Where can you find the best live cams out there?

Sex cam sites: where can you find the best list?

Looking for the best sex cam sites? Adult Directory New can help!

Sex cam sites is one of the reasons why Internet is fun! What else could be more enticing than watching real live girls streaming from their webcam? And you have much more than the possibility to look at them, you can also interact and share each others sexual preferences or fantasies. Most definitely a successful Friday night would be if one of those sexy cam girls will be willing to show off her lovely naked body! However, where can you find the best sex cam sites in the industry?

The main reason that we created Adult Directory New was to put together one of the best sex cam sites on the market and compile them in one big list. It can be very frustrating to go online and try to discover on your own which are the best live sex cams, and which one of those are worth spending your time and money. There are a lot of chances that you’ll end up one some click bait sex site that not only will frustrate you more, but it may also give you some sort of malware. So much for a fun evening, right?

The whole concept of Adult Directory New came from the need to have a reliable source of adult cam sites that you can come over and over again and check out the best cam chat sites available. We are a team of 5 people, and we all love watching live girls on cam. However, in the many searches that we performed in order to find the best sex cam sites, many times we got screwed over. Either we came across some silly tube site (so no live videos), or some spammy porn site that left us frustrated and with viruses in our computers.

Watching girls live on cam can be quite a fun and entertaining past time. Not to mention that you can actually make a real connection with these girls (or boys, depending on your preference). It’s nice to be able to feel comfy with someone to share your sexual desires and fantasies. Also, it’s nice just to be able to talk and flirt with someone new. A big part of the sexual game is played by this form of interaction. It’s not all just about boobs and ass (a lot is, but not all!).

So, we decided to create a simple website that would be totally devoted to adult sex cam sites. No spam, no pop ups, no weird redirects and most importantly not forcing you to sign up to any bullshit to get access to the content. We want to turn AdultDirectoryNew into your favorite porn source. In order to achieve this goal, we try every day to look for new and exciting live sex cam sites, best cam girls and put them in the right category. We want to make sure that you will have where to choose from, and if you’re having a particular fetish, not to be worried that you can’t get it right here. Not only that we decided to create a great list of the best live sex cams sites, but we also decided to add reviews to that.

With that in mind, we assign each and every one of our team member a number of video chat sites, and they have to assess them. They will have to analyze the way these sex cam sites work, the quality of the live cams, the prices, the interface, and most importantly how are the models. Are they fun? Exciting? Friendly? Sexy? Are they willing to play along and turn very sexual? Basically, the need to know before deciding which is the best cam to cam site for you. And yes, it’s not such a terrible task! Actually, we love doing it!

Let’s be honest, what straight man would not enjoy watching a beautiful women stripping for him and having a powerful orgasm? Okay, Aiden likes watching guys, but the idea remains pretty much the same. Having the possibility to watch live on cam a person that is very attractive and willing to play along with your sexual fantasies, is one of the best hobbies you can have.

Nevertheless, in order to have a good and reliable porn site collection, some serious research must be done. That is why, we don’t allow in our adult directory just ANY site. It has to pass certain criteria, it has to be safe and it has to fun as well. So you can rest assured that we are only providing the best live cam sites here. No matter which one you will choose, you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

Best live sex cams reviewed and so much more..

As we’ve mentioned, on Adult Directory New, not only that we manually select and analyze the existing live sex cams sites, but we also provide reviews for them. We try our very best to be serious about it, and offer as much detail as possible. All of us have been on live sex cam sites for almost a decade now, so we can say that we had our share of experiences with these type of xxx websites. Also, we are opened to submissions from our readers. So, if you have a live cam site that you’d like to review, we are more than happy to add that in our list. You can check out more details on leave your review page.

We want to make Adult Directory New into an open adult community, where you can share your experiences with the cam girls you’ve met and tell us which websites are the best sex cam sites in your opinion. Only in this manner, we can be assured that we will provide high quality adult content that will be pleasing to you. And also to us. Because, we still go to these live sex cam sites whenever we have the time. After all, it’s fun and exciting ,right?

In another category you will be able to see a list with the best cam girls that we have reviewed. These are the performers that we loved the most, and each and every one of them has something special. Michael has a tiny crush on Kendra Parker so in his book she is the most amazing girl ever. And indeed she is lovely, but everybody is entitled to their preferences, right?

If you’ll discover another hot live cam girl, don’t hesitate to write us! Tell us why you think she’s worthy of more attention, and we will do a proper review on her. AdultDirectoryNew is always open to suggestions, and we’d love to hear from you! After all, the whole idea is to work together to create a reliable and trustworthy list of the best sex cams out there, right?

Are these really the best sex cam sites?

You can expect a lot of devotion and seriousness. Every day we try to improve this site and add new and exciting live sex cam websites. Sure, it’s not perfect, but we try our very best. So you will have quite a collection of the best sex cam sites available right now, and you’ll know what to expect of them.

Also, we have some new additions, that are just being tested, so maybe you’ll want to know what they have to offer. Either way, on Adult Directory New you will be able to find a wide collection of porn sites devoted to all types of preferences: live webcam sites, fetish sites, dating sites, free tube sites and many more. You can also check out our Adult Game section, or Cartoon/Hentai websites. Every day we get better! In this manner, you can count on a quality adult directory!

Basically, if you’re in the mood for something different, most likely you will find it here. But don’t take our word for it, try our adult directory yourself, and have a go at the best live sex cam sites! Let us know how it went! Also, if you find some discrepancies, or something that you didn’t like, please inform us! We’re only human, so we’re prone to making some minor mistakes every now and then (even if we always double check everything)! We sincerely hope that you will enjoy spending time on our adult directory and keep coming back for more! 


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