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User rating

  • Plenty of live asian cams
  • Lots of diversity when it comes to the asian cam girls
  • Good quality cameras

  • The site's interface could be improved

In short
In short Asian Cams provides hundreds of live asian cams featuring sexy asian ladies of all shapes and sizes. The interface is not as sleek and smooth as other video chat sites, but the quality of the live cameras is fairly good.

Complete Asian Cams Review

The sole name itself most likely it will awaken one of your wildest sex fantasies involving a very sexy hot Asian girl. Admit it! We all have at least one sex dream about an Asian woman. And it’s normal! These exotic creatures are so mesmerizing and something completely out of the ordinary. They have a unique style and their own way to make you feel aroused. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it can’t be extremely enticing.

Asian Cams is offering you exactly that: a wide variety of live adult Asian chat filled with live sexy Asian cam girls from all parts of the Orient. Some are from places you never even heard of, but that is the whole beauty of it: chatting live with a sexy Asian girl and discovering new territories (sexually and culturally).

What can you expect from AsianCams?

Since we’ve mentioned culture, you can expect a completely different approach to the whole live sex on cam thing. Now, don’t imagine that the activity will be less exciting, just that it will be something that it’s not accustomed on such live cam sites. Unlike many other nationalities, the live cam Asian girls are very patient and they give a lot of attention to the overall sexual experience, not just the grand finale. This seems to be the overall tendency on Asian Cams.

An experience with a live video chat with a real hot Asian chat cam model, it’s unlike any other live sex private and will definitely keep you coming back for more. Prepare yourself to be treated like a king and have all your sexual needs tended to with lots of patience, calm and devotion.

Asian Cams is a live videochat cam site devoted entirely to live Asian cam girls. So if you’re in the mood for a sexy and cute Asian lady, this is the place to be. There are thousands of registered models, and you will have a few hundreds of them online at any given time period. SO, plenty of variety and plenty of live Asian chat rooms to choose from.

The design could be improved, but browsing through live Asian sex cams is fairly easy. You will get a small preview of what is happening in a particular room, and if you do like what you see, you can join in for more. Usually, there is the option for free chat without signing in, but most Asian live cams have that option turned off. So, most likely you will have to register. But don’t worry: it’s FREE! So no paying for anything unless you are really enticed by one of those hot Asian cam girls.

What about a live sex session with an Asian cam girl?

Now, this is the brand new experience we were talking about. We sent Dan (our staff member in charge of evaluating AsianCams) to have a look and tell us what he thinks. Please keep in mind that Dan was never a huge fan of the Asian cam girl niche (no idea how that was possible…he must be the expectation) so he was not too thrilled when he first stumbled upon Asian live cams.

However, he forced himself to keep an open mind so he started looking around and decided to jump intro a live chat with an Asian cam girl he considered to be pretty sexy. He had difficulties telling them apart though (yes, the Asian stereotype), but after a while he started noticing all these difference: with the smiles, eyes and well boobs. Come on! Give Dan a break! He is a man after all. According to Dan, there are some real big boobed Asian cam girls, making it very hard to focus on other aspects. Dan chatted with a girl called Lyza a very sexy Asian cam girl with white skin and dark hair and eyes. He was surprised by her friendliness and warm approach and how kind and patient she was with all the members in her chat. She would speak to all of them, answering all their questions regardless of how dumb they were (and some questions can get fuckin dumb!).

Dan decided to take Lyza for a hot live sex session to see what she’s got. Indeed, she was shy at first, but had this specific elegant way to undress and to touch herself which was very arousing. Even her orgasm was different: you are used to these loud European cam girls that cum like someone is cutting them. With Lyza it was different: she was moaning softly, but you could see how much she was turned on by looking at her wet Asian pussy. Asian pussy is different as in it gets more wet and has more cum to offer. Not to mention very tight! Needless to say Dan was very pleased. SO pleased, that he decided to visit Asian Cams again!

So follow Dan’s advice and have your first live sex chat with a live Asian cam girl! You won’t regret it!

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