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Sex Quote of Friday, March 31: She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I'd like to make love to. (Jarod Kintz)

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User rating

  • Incredibly sexy body
  • Loves being flirty and exploring all sorts of sexual fantasies
  • Lots of pictures and video gallery
  • Fairly low prices for membership

  • Not online so often
  • Not the most beautiful ebony cam girl

In short
In short Britney Hot Ass is a hot ebony cam girls that loves being flirty and exploring sexual fantasies live on cam. She is very sexual promiscuous and loves trying new things and exploring sex beyond limits. You can expect a night of intense fun with Britney.

Complete Britney Hot Ass Review

It’s time for something exotic: it’s time for a hot ebony cam girl

That is right: ebony cam girls are one of the most exotic and exciting women in the industry. Why? Because they ooze sexuality from all their pores, they have incredibly curvaceous bodies, perfect asses and lovely chocolate skin. Not to mention plump lips and full breasts. Basically an ebony woman is the perfect recipe for a passionate and hard core sexual experience. It’s almost impossible not to be turned on by these African beauties. It’s something in their genes that make them stand out: they’re built to be curvy and sexy. It’s a given fact, and we can’t deny that.

Michael (our staff member in charge to find a sexy ebony cam girl) was more than pleased to explore this task, and he took several days for…research. In the end he came (both ways) victorious with a result: he had found the perfect ebony cam girl that made his night one to remember. Her name is Britney and her screen name is BritneyHotAss, and what a hot ass she has indeed. Britney managed to stand out from the rest of the African cam girls because she was a beautiful mixture between sexy, funny and dirty. And that is what Michael loved about her and motivated him to take her private. What happens in a private show with an ebony cam girl? You will soon find out!

Why was BritneyHotAss chosen as the best ebony cam girl?

According to Michael, Britney is not the most gorgeous looking ebony cam girl. He has seen African women that were more pretty, had a more appealing face or body, but there was something different about Britney. She has this sexuality and sex appeal that it’s impossible to miss. Just with one glance at her, you will see in her eyes that she has hidden a much more naughty side, a side that wants to go all the way when it comes to exploring sex and anything that has to deal with sex.

Was Michael wrong? Turns out he was not. Indeed Britney loves sex and wants to do it hardcore and adores to play with herself and make herself cum. Not only that, but Britney is also very friendly and charming and has an amazing smile. Obviously, also a very hot ass. Don’t worry, the boobs are beautiful as well with perky brown nipples perfect for sucking! It was this whole combination that made Michael to stay and to try to get to know Britney a little better. They talked for a while, and then Michael explained that he would like her to have a squirting orgasm if possible. Britney said she loves to squirt and can make herself cum like that almost every time, especially if she’s really horny.

Needless to say, Michael took her private and let the fun begin. Britney started with a very sexy and provocative strip dance, applied oil all over herself and stared rubbing her clit. At first it was slow then the pace got faster and faster. At some point she got out a big black dildo and started inserting it slowly in her very wet pink pussy. The more she put it in, the loader her moans, and when finally the dildo was all in, Britney was moaning louder, and her pussy got wetter and wetter. She was rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy in the same time with faster and faster motions until she couldn’t hold it anymore and she came very powerfully. Liquid all around, big moans and Britney was rolling her eyes backwards from all the intense pleasure she was experiencing. For Michael it was an amazing sight to see, and he had one of the most amazing live sex experiences ever.

Should you also visit BritneyHotAss?

Well, that is entirely up to you. This girl is beautiful, sexy and fun and she loves to explore all sorts of things sexually. You can discuss very openly with her about your preferences and there are high chances that she will take you up on that. If you’d like a certain outfit, she may try it on, or a certain sex position or even anal. She is into trying new things as well, so don’t be afraid to communicate with her about your likes. Also, make sure to check out her profile to get some basic info about her as well and also to check out her pictures and videos. Maybe you’ll get a glimpse of Britney in action.

Bottom line is, if you do like ebony cam girls, you may want to try a night with Britney. Pretty sure she will leave you with a big smile upon your face. And with good reason. No one can deny the immense sexuality of African cam girls. So, don’t hesitate any longer: visit Britney now and let the fun begin!

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