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Sex Quote of Friday, March 31: She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I'd like to make love to. (Jarod Kintz)

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User rating

  • Beautiful face with an angelic smile
  • Loves being flirty and exploring all sorts of sexual fantasies
  • Fairly low prices for membership
  • A sweet asian cam girl

  • Not online so often
  • Not exprimented sexually

In short
In short Exotic Tasty Girl is a sweet teen cam girl that loves being flirty and exploring sexual fantasies live on cam. She is not one of the most experimented cam girls, but she has real live orgasms and is genuine in actually making a connection.

Complete Exotic Tasty Girl Review

Feeling the taste of an Asian cam girl

Sometimes you need something different….something exotic that would spike up your sexual tastes and make you want to go WOW! Having so many live cam sites available out there, means that you have access to hundreds of live cams featuring girls from all over the world in all shapes and sizes. Honestly, if you have a thing for hawaian women that have green eyes and blonde hair it is very likely that you will find one streaming her cam live! It may sound unbelievable, but really this is how it goes! Just look around for a little while and you will get what you’re looking for. In the same category falls the search for a sexy Asian cam girl. You may think: yeah, but Asian cam girls are not so difficult to find, there are various sites devoted to them alone. And you would be correct! But what if you want a sexy Asian cam girl that has perky lips, a big ass and loves to do anal? Now, the search is diminished, and it may bet a bit harder to find what you’re looking for.

However, we put Dan in charge of finding a sexy Asian cam girl that is also pretty but also kinky. Asian women are known for their shyness when it comes to sex, mainly because it’s in their culture to be reserved when it comes to showing emotion. Not to mention sexual emotions. Some of them are taught to dislike sex, to see it as some sort of terrible task that they HAVE to do in order to please their man. Which is really sad, as these women will end up having really terrible sexual relationships. Nevertheless, the Asian girls that are on live cam sites are more open to sexuality and they don’t mind embracing it. And that is a good thing, as you wouldn’t like to take an Asian cam girl to a live private and see her looking all cringed and disgusted with what’s about to happen. Pleasure is much more intense when both people are at it!

How are Asian cam girls different than the other cam girls?

Besides difference in appearance, there is a big difference in behavior. Asian cam girls are more keen on fulfilling their partner’s sexual desires and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that you are pleased. You want her to be in a split position while she is using a dildo to penetrate her ass? It’s very likely that she will do it. If that’s your thing, she will adapt to it, willingly and smiling. With a European cam girl, things may get difficult as they tend to be a bit more rude, and demanding.

So, with an Asian cam girl you can expect total obedience and warmness and kindness. Which are difficult qualities to find in other women. That is why Dan is so attracted to these minion ladies. The small size make them look like real live dolls, and seeing their cute smile will definitely make you want to see what’s hidden beneath her clothes.

This time, Dan went to a live sex Asian site, where all the cam girls are Orientals, so you couldn’t go wrong there. All of them are Asian cam girls, now the question was, which one to pick? After spending some time browsing around and looking at these oriental hotties, Dan finally made a decision: he ended up in Exotic Tasty Girl’s room. A sexy brunette Asian with full lips, dark eyes and creamy skin. Lovely figure and incredibly sexy lingerie. All dressed in black it was a nice contrast with her skin and her red lipstick. Dan was instantly attracted by her sexiness but also by her childish way of looking and smiling. It was a combination beweetn innocence and kinkiness, which showed that there is more to happen if you want to explore her sexually. After some small chat, Dan found out that she is only 19 years old and that her name was Amy (or that’s what she claimed). So young and so poised, Amy was very friendly and charming. Not long after that, Dan took her private to discover first hand what this Asian cam girl can do.

What happens in a live private with Exotic Tasty Girl?

The answer is: a whole lot more than you’d expect. At a first glance she looks sweet and innocent, but once she gets dirty, you will be amazed of how sexual this girl can get. She loves to dance, to show off her curves, loves to be spanked and moans loudly while touching herself in signs of deep pleasures.

Exotic Tasty Girl didn’t shy away from using sex toys either. She even used 2 in Dan’s live sex show. He didn’t know if that’s the usual thing, or maybe she did it because Dan was special. Either way, seeing her pussy getting creamy white and watching her explode was pleasure was enough to make Dan cum like there is no tomorrow! It was an intense experience, playful and fun, which is exactly what Dan needed after a long week of working hard.

So, why don’t you give Exotic Tasty Girl a try? You will be surprised of what this Asian cam girl has in store for you!

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