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Sex Quote of Friday, March 31: She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I'd like to make love to. (Jarod Kintz)

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User rating

  • Plenty of live lesbian cams
  • Lots of diversity when it comes to the lesbian cam girls
  • Good quality cameras

  • The site's interface could be improved
  • Not many lesbian couples live on cam

In short
In short I'm Live Lesbian Cams provides hundreds of live lesbian cams featuring sexy lesbian ladies of all shapes and sizes. The interface is not as sleek and smooth as other video chat sites, but the quality of the live cameras is fairly good.

Complete Asian Cams Review

Looking for the best live lesbian sex cams? Maybe I’m Live Lesbian cams will be your answer..or maybe not!

Live lesbians on cam: every guy’s dream and every lesbian desire

Finding a real good live lesbian cam site can be sort of problematic, strangely enough. Even if there are tons of xxx websites featuring all sorts of interesting combinations of live cams, very few of them are actually providing some high quality. It’s our task to identify those websites that do, and tell the truth about the ones that don’t.

Our purpose, here with Adult Directory New is to provide you a good collection of live lesbian sex cams that you can rely on, anytime you feel like experiencing something fun, or simply meeting a hot lesbian. Anything can be possible in the online world, right?

So, we sent Dan, one of our staff members, to have a look on I’m Live Lesbian sex cam section and tell us what he experienced there. When Dan set to analyze this sex website, he had quite a few expectations in mind: to find very hot and exciting cam models that are preferably in a couple and willing to perform a very hot sex show. The sole idea of watching two ladies kiss eachother and touching themselves made Dan feel incredibly excited and looking forward to landing on I’m Live Lesbian live Cam section.

However, what happened next, was not exactly according to Dan’s hopes and expectations. I’m Live is a pretty decent video chat website with hundreds of live cam girls streaming HD cams. Nevertheless, the site could have some improvement when it comes to layout and user interface. But, you can scroll through the models fairly fast AND it’s cheaper than other adult sites, so that is a plus.

Sadly, the Lesbian Live cam part really left Dan disappointed. The girls were pretty that is a given, but he did not find the lesbian live cams he was hoping for.

What happens on live lesbians sex cams on I’m Live?

Basically, not so much different than the normal Girl Live Cams. Which is rather odd, considering that you’re interested in watching lesbians having sex on cam. So you will have access to hundreds of HD live lesbian cams featuring very sexy and diverse girls that say that their sexual orientation is bisexual or they’re 100% lesbians. However, you don’t get to see them in couples. Probably, you will see that at the couple section of I’m Live. But it’s a bit misleading, as you expect to see Lesbians on cam, not lesbian on cam.

Nevertheless, Dan thought he would give it a go, and have a chat with some of the girls there. Indeed, they were very sexual, and flirty and very playful. And in a very strange manner, the lesbian cam girls seemed nicer than the straight ones. They didn’t seem very excited by the idea of talking to a guy, as they said that they get turned on more by watching women, and by getting sexual with them. So, Dan was feeling a little out of luck, and in a way friendzoned, as all of these hot lesbian women did not desire him sexually.

Just when he was about to give up, he entered the live chat room of Violin Dina, a very sexy lesbian girl with a huge booty and pierced nipples! Now that was already a huge turn on for Dan, as he has a thing for girls that pierced their nipples. She seemed a bit dark and wild sending a powerful sexual message that would make you think she will totally dominate you sexually.

Dan explained that he would love to watch her play with herself and with another woman, as this is one of his biggest sexual fantasies. Much to his surprise, Dina said she is willing to get her room mate in, if he’s willing to pay the price. After some negotiating, they agreed to make the live lesbian sex show happen.

You can imagine how excited Dan was! He was about to see 2 beautiful and sexy young women getting dirty live on cam, and watching them orgasm and kiss and play with their pussies. Mmm!! Total dream!!

How did the live lesbian sex show go on I’m Live?

After some time, the lesbian sex show began! Dan was watching this sexy brunette and her room mate (a hot redhead) getting ready to take him to the most intense sexual experience of his life. However, things were not so fulfilling as Dan expected. The girls seemed playful, they undressed and kissed eachother, but they did not go all the way, right in the middle of the lesbian sex show they asked for more money to make this happen.

It was fairly disappointing for Dan, but I guess that was a trick that they used to make him spend more. Obviously, Dan gave the extra tip, because after all it was worth it. Those lesbian cam girls were gorgeous and the sight of them naked and ready to launch into a live orgasm was too nice to say no to.

In the end, the girls pleasured themselves, giving each other oral and getting out a strap on which they took turns to use. It was intense and in a way extremely beautiful. Lesbian sex has some uniqueness to it, as you watch two very sensitive and sexy women enjoying each other.

Overall, the live lesbian cam section of I’m Live CAN be exciting and thrilling. However, you will have to look around until you get to see a live lesbian couple show. Most of them are single lesbians looking to talk with other women. So if you want to give it a try, it’s up to you. The ladies are hot, and the cams are HD!

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