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Sex Quote of Friday, March 31: She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I'd like to make love to. (Jarod Kintz)

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User rating

  • Incredibly sexy body and amazing face
  • Loves being flirty and exploring all sorts of sexual fantasies
  • Lots of pictures and video gallery
  • Fairly low prices for membership

  • Not online so often
  • A bit pricer than average
  • Difficult to get alone time with her

In short
In short Kendra Parker is a hot latina cam girl that loves being flirty and exploring sexual fantasies live on cam. She is very sexual promiscuous and loves trying new things and exploring sex beyond limits. You can expect a night of intense fun with Kendra.

Complete Kendra Parker Review

Meet Kendra Parker: one sexy latina cam girl

What could be more pleasant than a night in the company of a latina woman?

We all know the stereotypes that surround latin women: curvy, sexy and feisty! Women full of passion which can be an incredibly good thing, especially sexually, but also a very bad thing if they are angry with you. You don’t want to be the target of a latina woman: she will eat you alive! However, the same level of intensity you can expect if she decides to love you. The heights of their sexuality exceeds the average woman and they are not afraid to use their bodies in such sense. If you ever made love to a Latin woman then you know how intense and passionate it can get.

The same characteristics you can find in Kendra: she is a latina cam girl and her whole look is absolutely amazing. You can’t find flaws on this girl: amazing face beautiful eyes, beautiful lips and a killer smile. Super hot body with double Ds and an ass to die for. Basically, she could sum up female perfection when it comes to looks. Michael (our staff member in charge with finding the best latina cam girl) was absolutely astonished with the beauty found in only one woman. He almost claimed that he is inlove, because there would be not one thing that he would change about Kendra. Thus, he nominated her as the best latina cam girl that he could find. Now you’re probably wondering: what does make Kendra so special? Sure, incredible body and looks, but there is more to a cam girl in order for her to obtain the best title. And don’t worry, there is more to Kendra than it meets the eye, if you can believe that.

What can you expect from a live private with Kendra?

The answer is: A LOT. You can expect a lot of fun, a lot of interactivity and a lot of orgasms, that is if you can last very long. Michael had a hard time (literally) to keep up with Kendra. Only with a glance he got super excited and it took him a while to get his eyes from her very generous cleavage. At the time Michael met Kendra she was wearing a police officer costume and she was fitting that outfit in all the right places. Michael was already fantasizing about being pulled over by such a sexy cop and have her handcuff him and punish him for being such a naughty boy and exceeding the speed limit.

There is the possibility to talk in free chat with this super sexy latina cam girl, however she is rarely in free chat as most men want her for themselves. And if you are to have a good look at her, you would understand why. So the only way that Michael could get Kendra’s attention was to tip her and then take her private, but he was more than happy to take that “sacrifice”. Even in private, you may not get Kendra all to yourself, as on Live Jasmin there is the possibility to have more than one guy in private. However, Michael was lucky, because at that time he was the only one having some alone time with her.

They talked for a little while, Kendra’s English is pretty decent, she will even make a joke if the situation allows it. However, Michael was more interested in seeing other details, so he kindly asked Kendra to do whatever she feels comfy sexually. He was not disappointed. Kendra started with a slow strip dance, slowly unbuttoning her shirt and letting out a pair of perfect Double D breasts, firm with big brown nipples that were asking for sucking. And so she did, which turned on Michael incredibly. Then she bent over and took off her panties, gently slapping her beautiful round bottom and letting show a small sight of her pink tight pussy. At this very moment, Michael admitted that he was about to burst, as he couldn’t keep it in any longer.

However, Kendra continued to play with herself, didn’t shy away from using toys and did so until she also had a very powerful orgasm. It was a beautiful thing to watch and Michael was mesmerized.

Should you also visit this sexy latina cam girl?

According to Michael you definitely should! It’s a mind blowing experience, and he has seen plenty of live cam girls, but this one is truly special. She is a bit more pricy, but seriously once you will see her, there will be thoughts like: here, take my house, my car keys, this is my bank account number, please let me touch you. And if you’re into latina cam girls then you’ll definitely love Kendra. What is there not to love?

So, don’t hesitate any longer: visit Kendra today and let her make your sexual dreams come true!

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