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Sex Quote of Friday, March 31: She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I'd like to make love to. (Jarod Kintz)

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User rating

  • Beautiful face with an angelic smile
  • Loves being flirty and exploring all sorts of sexual fantasies
  • Lots of pictures and video gallery
  • Fairly low prices for membership
  • A sweet teen cam girl

  • Not online so often
  • Not exprimented sexually

In short
In short Nina Muller is a sweet teen cam girl that loves being flirty and exploring sexual fantasies live on cam. She is not one of the most experimented cam girls, but she has real live orgasms and is genuine in actually making a connection.

Complete Nina Muller Review

What makes a cam girl special?

Whenever you log on a live cam site, you are going to be enticed with hundreds of live cams of these beautiful and amazing girls from all over the world. On a first glance, you will feel like you ended up on Victoria’s Secret super model page. Glamorous profile pictures, sexy positions, sexy outfits, and tons of girls looking flirty, sexy and provocative. Making a choice would seem rather impossible, as you would probably like to watch a dozen of them simultaneously as they do a sexy strip show, and play with their perky nipples and smack their asses!

Which is the absolute reaction of Michael (our staff member in charge with finding some real special cam girls). His favorite live cam site is Live Jasmin, and you can find out on Live Jasmin review page why exactly you can go for this type of adult website. However, it was difficult for Michael to settle for one cam girl: it had to be a real special one. Not only beautiful, but sexy, in charge with her sexuality and with a fun personality. Yup, when there are hundreds of live cams online, you get to be very picky and demanding. And as strange as it may sound, it’s not that difficult to find some live cam girls that would meet that criteria.

Michael doesn’t have any particular fetishes, as he pretty much enjoys the traditional live cam show: a sexy girl with a nice set of boobs, applying oil on herself and having a live orgasm. He doesn’t particularly care for sex toys either, but if the girl feels like using them, then sure, no problem. Whatever gets the job done. So, in his eyes, a real special cam girl, would be a brunette, full boobs and a full ass a sexy face and flirtatious attitude. You know, something that would make you want to think: wow, I would really like to see this girl naked and just go wild until we both cum like crazy! Obviously, these feelings are subjective, so for Michael it may be a cam girl that does the trick, and for you it may be another one.

However, there are some general lines, that remain constant no matter which cam girl you would go for. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is true, but no one can deny that a girl like the singer Ciara is not sexy. That woman has an amazing pair of legs, ass, face, it would be difficult to find a man that would say: nope, not attracted to her.

So, which cam girl did Michael choose?

Finally, after some searching around, Michael decided to make his decision. After a previous failure, because he initially chose a different cam girl, he was not feeling quite hopeful. The last girl he chatted, seemed nice, but apparently before taking her private you had to tip a consistent sum of money, which seemed a bit unfair, and was taking the fun out of it. But, luckily for Michael, there were more cam girls to choose from. So he ended up in Nina Muller’s room, a sweet 18-year-old girl, which an innocent yet sexy appearance. On a first glance you wouldn’t say she is 18, as she looked over 23. Very nicely groomed, lovely makeup and hair, Nina welcomed Michael with a warm smile and a shy hello.

It turns out that Nina was a new model on LiveJasmin, and she has been camming for a few months only, and still trying to get accustomed to the whole live sex session thing and trying to explore sexual fantasies. However, Nina charmed Michael with her natural beauty and her natural way of communicating: without anything forced, without faking smiles and without fake interest in the guys there. Nina was genuinely sweet and friendly and always interested in having a good laugh that may lead to something else.

So, Michael, after some talking, decided to take Nina private, to discover more of her wonders there. She was fairly shy, but after she was feeling more comfy, things started to get hot and heavy. Nina may be just 18, but she definitely knows how to use her sexuality, the way she moved and touched herself showed that she loves to be watched and admired. Michael was patient, and let Nina do whatever she felt that would make her feel good, and he did not regret his choice. At the end, Nina had a good live orgasm, that left her breathless for a minute.

It was intense, sexy and joyful, that is how Michael described his live sex session with Nina. He enjoyed spending time with her as she is a lovely girl. The thing that made her special in Michael’s eyes, was the fact that she was genuine, not some fake girl pretending.

What is your favorite cam girl?

If you liked what you heard, then maybe you can visit Nina Muller’s chat room and find out yourself what she is about. Or perhaps you have met another girl, and you’d like to give us some recommendations. We are always open to suggestions, as your feedback is very important.

The purpose of AdultDirectoryNew is to offer adult content that is according to YOUR preferences, so if you think you know a better cam girl, contact us.

You can try NinaMuller and see what she’s about, or maybe some other cam girl that we reviewed. The point is that you are in for a lot of fun and exciting moments!

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