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User rating

  • Huge Tits and Huge Ass
  • Loves having sex and exploring all sorts of sexual fantasies
  • Lots of pictures and video gallery
  • Fairly low prices for membership

  • Very difficult to get her attention
  • Not very talkative, and not so involved
  • Mechanic movements and her live orgasms seem a littel foreced

In short
In short Rarity Girl offers an intense live cam show, letting you enjoy her incredibly sexy body. She is a very hot blonde cam girl. However, her attitude and perfomance could be improved.

Complete Rarity Girl Review

Amazingly hot blonde cam girl: a live cam show that will leave you wanting for more

Is Rarity Girl such a sexy blonde cam girl? Find out what our reviewer has to say about her

On a first glance at this beautiful blonde cam girl, you will think: WOW, she really is the full package. Beautiful face, a nice big pair of breasts and a very delicious big ass. So physically speaking, she is indeed a very beautiful blonde cam girl. But is she all that? Will you go to her live private show and have a mind blowing orgasm? Is she a charming girl that you’d also enjoy talking to? Will she be willing to turn your sexual fantasy in a reality? So many questions that definitely require an answer. At least, so that you’ll have a better understanding of what you can expect of this lovely blonde cam girl.

With this in mind, Dan, one of our staff members, has decided to look around for Rarity Girl on Live Jasmin. She was recommended by one of AdultDirectoryNew.com viewers, and we thought she was worth looking into. Therefore, Dan was on a “mission” with a very clear objective: to unveil the hidden traits of this sexy looking live cam girl.

So, Dan, prepared his white tissues and lube, and started getting into work, as he was eager to find out what’s behind the clothes of Rarity Girl. Obviously, he started out slow, just getting in her free chat and trying to figure out what this sexy blonde cam girl is about. Sadly for Dan, two minutes in the conversation, Rarity Girl was already taken to a live private by someone else. Already that was a clear sign that this girl is pretty charming and that she can make men chase her. Dan waited for quite a while before Rarity Girl came back to free chat, and decided to seize the moment, by not waiting for too long. They had a short conversation, while Dan was trying to get comfy around her. He found out her name is Anna and that she’s 19 years old. JUST 19! That was a total surprise, as Anna looked much older and so did her body. She had a very generous cleavage and was not afraid to show all of her delicious curves.

Dan could see that Anna was not interested in talking too much, as her answers were fairly short, and focused a lot on sex. On one hand that is to be understandable, as most of the live cam girls are on such sites to earn a few bucks not to make friends. On the other hand, Anna could have been more polite and show more interest. But, as she was desired by many men, perhaps she felt entitled to become moody and more demanding. Nevertheless, Dan was really attracted by this beautiful blonde cam girl and decided to try her in a live private. He though: this is where the real fun must begin!

What happens in a live private with this sexy blonde cam girls?

Once he pressed the magic button, all of a sudden Anna’s attitude changed considerably. She was definitely much nicer and much more interested in talking. However, she made it clear that the real show starts after 10 min of private, as this is the minimum she requests before getting naked. Dan found that a bit off putting, but he thought he will take the chance to get to know Anna a little. She studies economy, and apparently loves to shop, and somehow implied that she is willing to take gifts from members as well. So Anna was quite a commercial live cam girl. She knows her business and is not afraid to ask for rewards. Which again, was kinda off putting for Dan as he expects a different experience when going to a live cam girl. It should be the moment when he is pampered and the attention falls on having a good time and enjoy themselves sexually. Not talk about gift exchange and have the idea that you have to pay extra to get some sort of interaction.

After those 10 minutes passed, Anna started to undress slowly, which was increasing more and more Dan’s enthusiasm. In a few minutes, and after a sexy dance, this hot blonde cam girl was totally naked. She had a very lovely body, with big firm breast, cute nipples and a very lovely ass. However, Dan was not too crazy about her pussy. Which is kinda strange right? You would think teen cam girl’s pussy would be delicious and tight. Welll…Anna’s pussy was not all that. Something was kinda weird with the labias, and she didn’t seem to be very tight, as she could fit quite a huge dildo there without any issues.

However, that didn’t stop Dan from enjoying the live orgasm and the live cam show. Anna was lovely and exciting, but some of her movements seemed mechanical, like she was forcing herself to be a bit more than she usually is. Like moaning more, lauder, and looking too over involved in the moment. Kinda like in those fake ass porn videos. However, her cum seemed real, as she was dripping a white creamy cum at the end, which saved the day.

What is the conclusion? Should you also visit this hot blonde cam girl?

Dan’s conclusion was geared towards a medium note. Anna looks very good, there is no denying there, but her performance and personality still need to improve. She’s not super friendly, and her live shows seem a little forced. Nevertheless, she is a nice live cam girl, and if you can get off only by looking a very hot physique, then you won’t have any issues with Anna.

Therefore, it’s totally up to you if you want to visit this hot blonde cam girl. Dan says there are better options, women that are also nice and fun and they are more natural with cumming. For instance, Angel Kituty is one of them or Kendra Parker. But the choice is definitely yours. Let us know how it went!

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