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User rating

  • A very interactive toon sex game
  • User friendly design
  • You can watch various sex scenes with Star Wars characters

  • You can only play the sex game if you register
  • You don't get a lot of interactivity with a free account

In short
In short Star Whores offers a variety of cartoon sex gameplay with incredibly creative scrips with characters from Star Wars that are ready to explore all your sexual fantasies. The feel of it is a little bit more hard core, but this only means that you can get as dirty as you want without any restraints!

Complete Star Whores Review

One fun and interactive xxx game: make the characters of Star Wars comply in dirty sex scenes

Probably you’ve looking around for some adult games to play because it’s fun, interactive and it’s a different approach on porn. You can control the characters (up to a point) and you get to see sexually explicit sex scenes that can be exciting and really entertaining.

One of the best adult games is Star Whores. It uses the main characters from Star Wars, so you can expect some intense sex scenes with Darth Vader, Princess Lea and Luke Skywalker. Maybe a whole threesome if you play your cards right. The game is pretty basic, it’s designed using flash so you can expect some interactive movements and the whole porn scenes happen in some pre-recorded videos. However, they characters you choose will star in them. So you can expect a hot gay sex scene between Darth Vader and Luke !

The animation graphics are excellent, and the resolution is very high. They all look so real, that sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate a video game character from the real one.

Before you start playing your xxx game, you will be asked several questions, in the idea to make sure that you agree with all the explicit and pornographic scenes that will take place. Obviously, you must be of age (18+ or 21+) in order to have access to this adult game.

What happens in this adult xxx game called Star Whores?

You can register for free, and you will have a free trial. However, in the free trial, certain features are locked, and you won’t have access to all possible sexual combinations among the characters. But it will be enough to give you a taste of what you can expect. The real fun stuff happens after you’ve became a premium member, that is when you will be able to get full control.

There are various options to play the game. You can focus on the following sex scenes: domination, group sex, big booties, extreme sex and fantasies. According to the option you will choose, this is how you will get your porn scenes. Also, you can choose which characters will be directly involved in the cartoon orgy. Dan chose a sex scene between Princess Leia and Darth Vader under the domination tab. He ended up watching Princess Leia being tied up and slapped by Darth Vader while he was fucking her from behind forcefully, using his…dark force spade!

The sexual combinations are multiple and they can have various outcomes according to your preferences. Basically you control who is fucking who. It’s a combination between adult gaming and hentai/cartoon porn. The characters are designed using high graphics and you can see all you need to be seen in the sex scenes. However, as it’s 3D cartoon porn, everything will be over the top. The dicks will be huge and meaty and the pussy will be tight and very wet. And the moaning sounds very real as well!

Should you venture yourself in trying Star Whores?

Well if you’re in the mood for something different and dirty in the same time, then yes. You should try playing Star Whores. It’s interactive, fun, easy to play and quite exciting. Besides, if you ever fantasied about fucking Princess Leia now is your chance. You can get her down on her knees and make her suck a huge cock, gagging on it. Or you can bend her over and fuck her from behind without showing any mercy. Depending on your sexual fantasy you can adjust the game to your liking.

Of course, you can’t have too high expectations. After all, it IS a flash game, it’s not like the real Star Wars game where you get a lot of complicated missions and the game play is driven at a whole new level. Overall, Star Whores is a dirty and naughty adult game that will spike up your imagination and satisfy some of your sexual fantasies.

It doesn’t require any installation, just a quick registration and you’re ready to start the sexual orgy. No Star Wars character will be forgiven. You can see them engaging in sexual activities regardless of how dirty they may get. Remember, there is the group sex option, so use it wisely!

So, why not give it a try? Play StarWhores now and let us know what you think. Maybe you’ll like it and you’ll want to try other fun xxx 3D cartoon games.

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