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XLove - HD live cams

User rating

  • Incredibly beautiful models
  • User friendly design
  • A wide variety of live cams
  • Lots of exciting categories
  • Possibility to chat in free
  • Watch recorded videos of live sex shows

  • The design is not so sleek
  • Some cams's quality can be improved
  • Mainly a site for French and Italian clientele

In short
In short XLove.com offers a variety of live cams with incredibly gorgeous models that are open minded and ready to explore all your sexual fantasies. The feel of it is a little bit more hard core, but this only means that you can get as dirty as you want without any restraints!

Complete XLove Review

Xlove is a live cam site that is active since 2006, so basically around the period that live cam sites started to become more and more popular. Along the years, this site has kept its design and approach, however, minor modifications occurred. The site is entirely Flash related, so you will have to have this installed to be able to view live cams, and to enjoy a good quality video stream. Xlove is very nicely designed making browsing quite easy, so that you can scroll through the model list and get an idea of what are the girls, or better said performers like. On the left you will have the main categories, which are in a total number of 12: Girls, Ladies, Mature Female, Couples, Lesbians, Fetish Female, Threesome, Foursome, Transsexual, Transsexual Couples, Boys, Male Couples, basically covering all the sexual preferences of the site’s members. Variety is the key when it comes to a live cam site, and Xlove has it! Of course, the most populated category is the one of girls, with over 100,000 modes registered. On average you will see that there are around 4-500 live cams at once at any time of the day, so you will definitely have where to choose from. On top you will see the option to choose Live Webcams, Videos or Daily Top5. The videos are short moments from the girl’s live private shows so that you can get a preview of what is happening with that particular cam girl if you choose to take her private.

Xlove is a mainly a French site. It was created to tend to customers coming from France and Italy, so the majority of people there are French speaking, and they also expect the models to speak French too. Which, apparently is quite a problem. Most of the models are Easter European, Russian or from Asia, which makes communicating in French a little difficult. However, they try and they adapt with the requirements of the guys visiting them. If you do decide to speak English to them, you will definitely receive special attention, and if you decide to also be polite, basically you’ll have them begging you to see their boobs :)

What Michael noticed (our staff member in charge with reviewing Xlove) is that there is a tendency on this site for everything to go fast: in privates the model has to undress fast, cum fast, not too much time wasted. Which, in our opinion, is not he best way to enjoy a live sex shows, but hey, everybody does it as they see fit. That was Michael’s surprise when he decided to take private one of the girls there. He didn’t even finished saying hello, and the girl was already topless. Which was NOT a bad thing, actually Michael really enjoyed it, but he finds it much more enticing if he can actually have a little conversation with the girl, establish some sort of connection to find out what she’s into, and how they can have an orgasm together. After all, that is the whole point of doing a live cam show right? Really enjoy yourself and explore your sexual fantasies, but keeping it fun.

Now it depends on your preferences. Xlove is a cam site designed to be a little more hard core: so the models don’t have to chat too much before they can get down to action. Also there is a fetish section where you can find very sexy ladies wanting to dominate you, be your Mistress or the other way around. And they come with the proper outfit too!

You do have the option to free chat, so no need to pay anything extra before making your decision. Most of the cameras are streaming in HD, so there are no complaints about the quality of the videos. The models in general are looking really beautiful and are willing to please. You just have to know what to ask for you.

As it was mentioned at the beginning there are also categories for gay live cams or couples live cams. So regardless of what you’re into, just have a quick look and you will find your pick. Also you can look at the model’s profiles for free, and check out their free galleries and videos, likes and dislikes to know what you can expect. Some of the girls have quite some fantastic intro videos: dancing, shots in a bath tub playing with herself, showing off her collection of sex toys, performing oral, doing some ass play and so on. Basically, don’t be afraid to explore Xlove and check out the live cams on there.

Overall, Xlove offers a variety of live cams, with beautiful models, however it’s mainly designed for French and Italian speaking customers. There are not so many models online as with LiveJasmin, for instance, but there are plenty to choose from. We hardly doubt that you can watch all 400 live cameras at once :) Sign up now and start exploring!

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